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Online stores, catalogs and product management. Fully automated and from one database.
Online stores, catalogs and product management
for manufacturers and wholesale businesses
with large or small assortments.
Fully automated and from one database

Online stores

With Guidance’s software solution Stentor you will be able to get your assortment online effortlessly. Choose an informative website, online store or e-catalog.


Guidance’s software solution Catalogger will automatically lay out your catalogs, price lists and product sheets for you.

Product management

Manage your product information efficiently with the Catalogger PIM product management software.

Automatically generated catalogs

No more manual layout required thanks to Catalogger

With the Catalogger software you can generate an entire catalog including a table of contents and an index. Manually laying out a catalog or outsourcing work to a desktop publisher will no longer be necessary. Product information can be managed excellently with the Catalogger software itself or it can be taken directly from your ERP system.

An online store for every product assortment

Transacting business online was never easier

Websites, e-catalogs and online stores developed especially for manufacturers and wholesale businesses. The Stentor websites are characterized by a clear overview of product information and having extensive search and filter options. There are also many e-commerce options available for successfully transacting business. Complete your online presence with a mobile website or app.

Efficient management

All the tools required for optimal product management

Guidance knows product assortments involve a lot of maintenance and for this purpose we have developed the Catalogger PIM system. With the user-friendly Catalogger PIM you can structurally manage your product information, and the many classification features involved. The detailed product information puts you a step ahead and distinguishes you from the competition.

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